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Friday, May 21, 2010

Got a Moment? Could You Help?

To volunteer and help our site be the best it can be!

Love TM? Enjoy the forums, play dates, MNOs, Group wide events? They're fun aren't they! They also take a lot of group effort by some fantastic ladies who love to give back and make TM the amazing support group it is for us all. Without these volunteers, TM could never provide all of the wonderful support and fun as it does. Would you like to join the ranks of our amazing volunteers and help? Did you know you can sign up for as little or as much as you want? 

Volunteering at Trianglemommies has so many levels of responsibility and time commitment that even the most busy member can help out. While everyone always hears about Admins, managers, and moderators, there are other roles that are just as needed to be filled and just as vital to make TM run.

Like planning events around the age range of your children?Ever think about becoming a K Planner? K Planners create play dates for  children who are roughly the same age and will be starting kindergarten together. The thought  is that these children (and we moms) will hopefully have some friendly faces already in the crowd when they start school, they have friends their own age and stage of learning, and moms have a chance to talk face to face with other moms who are dealing with the same parental issues for that age. It's a lot of fun, and members really appreciate these play dates!

Like book clubs? Cooking clubs? Crafts? You can also join up  to be a Hobby planner for your Area group! Host monthly get togethers geared to a specific hobby, where Moms who enjoy something aside from parenting in common can get together and have fun!

If being a K Planner sounds like it may be something you are willing to help out in here and there, please PM Tammy (tink277925) or Adea (adeaneedscoffee)for more information.

Remember when you were new to TM and you didnt know anyone? Remember how hard it was to force yourself to go to your first play date and meet a bunch of strangers? Want to take that stress away for a new member by being there for them in the very beginning so they don't feel as lost or intimidated? Join our Big Sisters group! Big Sisters get a list of the new members who join their Area Group, are there for them for a little while,  willing to answer any questions about how the site runs, as well as meet up at a couple of TM outings each month so the new members know there is at least one person there they can go to and ease into play dates, coffee connections, and be introduced to others by a familiar face. It doesn't take much work but it goes a long way to help new members.

If being a Big Sister sounds like it may be something you are willing to help out in here and there, please PM Jodi (jodip) for more information.

Have you checked out our great committees? We have so many so there should be one that should be enjoyable and time savvy  for you!

The great thing about the committees are that there are numerous ways for you to help out, and you can pick and choose what works best for you. You are also not stuck with one committee. You can join as many as you wish! Joining a committee and helping out even just a little still makes a huge difference and all of us who head up the committees really appreciate every little bit.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee has several ways you can help out, by as much or as little as you can offer. Committee members of Hospitality help welcome new members in the Introduction forum, sign up to wish Happy Birthday to members, all of which takes mere moments to accomplish each month. Perfect for those who are unsure of how much they can commit to. Within the hospitality committee there are also sub branches: the Secret Fairy Committee and the Stork Committee.

The Secret Fairy Committee work together to bring news of members who are having a rough time, offer to create a little goodie bag, and with the Fairys help, deliver it anonymously to bring cheer to the member in need. It doesn't take much time, you stay within your area so you don't have to worry about driving all over, and it really makes the recipients smile and realize they are not alone even when they are down.

The Stork Committee are members who offer to sign up and deliver one meal to one mom who has recently had a baby or adopted. We all know how hard it can be to do even the simplest of things when a new baby joins the family, let alone cooking a hardy meal. The Stork Committee members offer to help that transition period and it is much appreciated by fellow members.

If  Hospitality sounds like it may be something you are willing to help out in here and there, please PM Suzanne (srl1010) or Kelli (KRCollin) for more information. For the Secret Fairy Committee specifically, please PM Suzanne. If you are interested specifically in the Stork Committee, please PM Kelli.

Fundraising Committee

 This important Committee helps to come up with ideas on how to bring in funds to help run our site and pay for our big group wide events. In this committee members are asked to share ideas, promote those ideas through use of their signature, and sign up a couple times a year for a quick volunteer shift when needed.

If  Fundraising sounds like it may be something you are willing to help out in here and there, please PM Tanisha (locnlovely) or Jenni (jennimc1975) for more information.

Promotions Committee

Promotions is where we get the word out about TM to the outside world but it also helps promote what is going on within TM itself. You can volunteer to do as little as sign up to post 3 QOTDs in the Mommy Forum each month, or use a signature to help promote an upcoming event. If you like to write, you can join our blog team, which takes as little or as much time as you wish. The blog team is where you can post your blogs on out TM blog (like here!).

If  Promotions sounds like it may be something you are willing to help out in here and there, please PM Brittany (Rhaven) for more information.

We at TM realize that each and every one of us is first and foremost a MOM! That's why we have so many ways, from just 3 posts a month, up to multiple tasks each day, to fit your life without taking over. TM is what it is because of the amazing output of support, help, and effort so many of your fellow moms volunteer, so everyone can have a great time at TM, both on forums, and out in the real world. If you thought volunteering was too much time, think again. You can do as much or as little as you wish to sign up for by browsing all the different ways you can help. And every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated by all members of this fabulous site. 

Brittany -

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Proctoring: The art of being silent

As we all know it must be the end of the school year for most throughout the Triangle and for some children there are End of Grade Tests (EOGs) to be taken. These tests cannot be taken lightly, no!

Your county's school system wants everyone to know that these tests determine not just how well your children performed this school year, but how well the Teacher, The School, The District, and the State is doing in teaching your child! No pressure.

And, with all of the pomp and secrecy they can muster, the school's administrators go to the parents and ask for volunteers to help "proctor" these tests so they don't have to pull the teacher assistants to do the job. You wouldn't want to deprive those children not slated to take the EOGs to miss out on the help of the teacher assistants, would you? Of course not! We don't deprive our children of anything!

So the parents come in, volunteer, and take a quick lesson in what a "proctor" does to help out. The proctor cannot read, write notes, bring a laptop, or even doodle. And, one mustn't drink coffee or water while the test is in progress. The proctor must WATCH the children take the tests. The proctor can walk around and peer over the children to see if they are marking the bubbles correctly. The proctor is not allowed to touch the test books, answer sheets nor work sheets. And, the proctor MUST be quiet at all times.

The proctor may walk to the teacher administrating the test and write a note to explain that Jimmy over in the second row is answering number 45 but bubbling in number 32.

The teacher administrator, however, can move about freely, write notes at her desk (out of the range of inquisitive eyes), and work on her email on her laptop. Quietly, of course.

So off the parents go, willingly, into the classrooms prepared to be bored out of their skulls. Or so I thought!

Indeed, that first test was a doosie! I was lucky to have only two boys in the classroom taking the test and I was released from my proctoring duty when they finished. It took them just over an hour to complete a reading comprehension portion. But, I tell you, it was almost painful to sit there, quietly, looking towards, but not directly at, those two young ones. I didn't want to make them nervous!

So at first I looked at all the posters and paraphernalia on the walls. I looked at my sad fingernails. I pondered if the outfit I was wearing was distracting the test takers. I looked at what the teacher was wearing and what the children were wearing. How did each child walk to get his shoes to wear in that pattern? Which child is taller than the other? I even contemplated about counting the ceiling tiles.

On second thought, yes, it was painful.

On the way out of the school that morning after the first test, I was asking myself how I was going to proctor the rest of the week? Can I or should I try and get out of what I committed to do? How was I going to survive several more days of that???

Then, a saving thought came to me! Why was a very busy stay-at-home mom arguing with herself about school imposed "quiet" time??? Am I mad? That is what every stay-at-home mom DREAMS of-sitting still, quietly doing nothing! And, to make it even better, it is actually doing the school a favor too? This is such a WIN-WIN situation! WOW!

WAIT! SSSsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone. This could be the best discovery of my whole motherhood. Hmmmmmm. Should I even write about it in a blog? Well, I guess I did!

So, the secret is out. MY secret is out. I actually enjoy proctoring those EOGs at my son's school. Why? Because, gosh darn it, I deserve to have some "quiet" time even if I am getting it by volunteer means! Maybe you could do it next year.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Race For The Cure

Trianglemommies is joining up to Race For The Cure, a walk dedicated to create awareness for, and help build funds to eradicate breast cancer.

When: June 12. The race starts at 8:45 AM

Where: Merideth College, Raleigh, NC

Come join us to walk for awareness. Help honor those who have fought breast cancer, and raise funds to help find a cure. Can't walk? You can still donate. Visit our homepage link here to either sign up and walk with us or donate. Walking together, friends side by side, is the perfect way to show unity in fighting against breast cancer!

 Brittany -